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commercial cleaning

We offer regular commercial cleaning services on your terms and your schedule, based on  your personalized and individual needs. We can do as little as picking up your garbages, to a full deep cleaning nightly, twice a week, once a week, or monthly. 



At Weber Cleaning, Inc., we take pride in our work and want the opportunity to serve you and make your home or facility a cleaner place to live or work. This also means attention to detail is key for us. We will make sure the building has a professional appearance that makes an everlasting first impression.


The same individual or team will be scheduled to clean your same location each time. There will be a picture magnet of your cleaner provided by us for your sense of security. All equipment and supplies will be provided by us. Upon request, gift certificates are available. We do not require contracts to be signed by you for our services.

*We prefer a 30-day notice for any service requests, but still encourage you to reach out if it is less than 30 days.*

The only residential services we offer are one-time services before big events, or just to freshen up in the spring or fall. We also offer yearly top-to-bottom cleaning services for businesses to help thoroughly deep-clean workspaces.


Commercial Cleaning

From routine janitorial tasks to specialized cleaning needs, we tailor our services to suit your unique business requirements. Elevate your workspace hygiene and aesthetics with our reliable commercial cleaning services.


Construction Cleaning


Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

We can help eliminate dust, polish surfaces, and ensure every nook and cranny is immaculate for your newly constructed home or business. From fine detailing to heavy-duty cleanup, we'll turn construction sites into move-in-ready spaces.



Our comprehensive service covers everything from deep cleaning carpets to sanitizing surfaces, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere for the next chapter. Let the stress of moving be our concern as we deliver a spotless canvas for your new beginnings or a gracious farewell to your former space.


Window Washing

We offer spring and fall window washing to make your windows sparkle and shine. We use very little chemical on windows because chemicals can leave residue which in turn makes the windows dirty at a quicker rate. 


Carpet Cleaning

We have the ability to clean carpets for smaller locations. Though it is not a regular service we provide, we can certainly refer you to a trusted vendor in the event you need to be on a regular schedule for your carpets.


Floor Buffing

When we deep scrub your floors, we will remove dirt that is deep down in the scratches on the floor. Buffing will take out these scratches, and give it a smooth and shiny finish. We recommend doing this at the end of each quarter, or at the very least in the spring and fall.


Floor Stripping/Waxing

With our stripping and waxing services, we make sure you get 100% coverage. With these services, the floors should last for two years. After roughly two years, we suggest taking the top two layers off to remove scratches and dirt and then reapply. After five years, we suggest stripping all floors down to the base layer and re-waxing. 


Disinfecting Cleaning

We offer disinfecting sessions for your business that feature a brand new technology, the Protexus Electrostatic Spraying System AKA Mr. Mister. This system eliminates many types of bacteria, ultimately saving your company sick time and lost profits. Learn more about this new technology here.


Payments Accepted

Our most common form of payment from customers is through check.

We do accept cash and credit cards as well. 


We use the Federal IRS Guidelines to determine mileage, so this can change from year to year. 

Satisfaction Guarenteed

If anything in your home or business is damaged or unfinished, with a notification of a 48-hour time period of your cleaning service, we will correct the situation by coming back to guarantee satisfaction. Additionally, we provide quarterly inspections of our work to all clients to guarantee our services.​

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