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Part-Time Residential & Commercial Cleaner

About the Role

The cleaning-related tasks include but are not limited to: sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash cans, polishing woodwork, wiping down tables, scrubbing toilets, and washing windows. You'll use disinfectants and other cleaning chemicals. You'll be tasked to ensure areas such as bathrooms and kitchens contain a sufficient supply of products and reorder supplies as necessary. We provide you with a business cleaning checklist and you'll be expected to follow that to make sure time is being efficiently used. Additionally, you will be expected to note problems and updates to customer that is noticed when performing cleaning duties.


  • Trustworthiness: With access to many rooms, desks, and personal items trustworthiness plays a big part at Weber Cleaning.

  • Attention to detail: While this may seem obvious, you must fully examine areas that are being cleaned to give proper treatment.

  • Teamwork: Some additional opportunities may be performed as a group, therefore collaborating with one another will increase productivity.

  • Time management: With billable hours, time is of the essence and one must be conscious of the allocated cleaning hours to complete tasks.

  • Physical stamina: There will be bending, lifting, and spending long periods of time on one's feet.

  • Industry knowledge: Basic cleaning knowledge will be required.

About the Company

Weber Cleaning, Inc. is a family-owned cleaning business that opened in 2003. Our base of operations is in Mitchell, SD. We service South Dakota, with an emphasis on Southeast and Central South Dakota. The business specializes in one-time residential, commercial, and construction cleaning. We offer top-notch Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) certified cleaning chemicals, which is the main federal agency charged with the enforcement of safety and health legislation. The business belongs to the Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Parkston Area Commercial Club. We offer weekly paychecks, paid training, and flexible hours. We strive to create a fun work environment with tons of perks.

Think you're a good fit? Send us your cover letter, resume, and list of professional references to!

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